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Localistas Social Event – Third Friday in Durham

Third Fridays are among the best Fridays, especially in Durham.  Join the Localistas as we tour downtown Durham on an extra fun Third Friday, filled with arts, cocktails, food, films al fresco, and a “night cap” at a local brewery.

First stop for the evening will be at Golden Belt Arts, where Room 100 in Building 3 is open to the public.  Admission and parking are free!

After we’re finished perusing the arts, we can ride the free Bull City Connector, to downtown Durham.  There are abundant dining/cocktail options from which to choose, such as Revolution or Dos Perros (both have fabulous food and very interesting drink selections).  We’ll make that call when we get there – we have lots of great places from which to choose.

Then, around 9:00 pm, the films al fresco fun begins.  Durham Cinematheque and AV Geeks are presenting a special screening of short films on not just one screen… not two screens… but SIX screens, all over Durham Central Park.  Think multiplex, under the stars.

When we’ve had our fill of films, we’ll take a short stroll over to Fullsteam Brewery, for a little post-movie drink and discussion.

There ya go!  All that fun, in one evening, in one town.  That’s why Third Fridays in Durham are the best Fridays.

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