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Serendipitous Summer Libations

The most appropriate word to describe my *happy* discovery of three summery beverages this weekend?  Serendipity.

I happened upon the Cucumber Aguas Frescas recipe, while thumbing through “Put ’em up!”, a cookbook with ideas for preserving foods through drying, freezing, and canning, that I picked up last year.  I was looking for something “different” to make with cabbage, when the image of a tall pitcher, filled with a most appealing shade of a pale lime green liquid, caught my eye.  There are only four ingredients needed for the recipe in the book:  cucumbers, water, sugar, lime juice.  The process is equally simple – a quick blend, strain, mix, then drink!

If you don’t have the book already, I found a similar recipe on this blog.  To make the “martini” just mix three parts Cucumber Aguas Frescas with one part vodka, and serve over ice, and garnish with a cucumber ribbon, if you like.

“Put ’em up!” suggested freezing the aguas frescas in eight-ounce portions, a delightful idea.  Can you imagine enjoying this summer time beverage later in the year, during the cool Autumn chill, once the bounty of summer’s fresh cucumbers have long since passed?  I can.


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