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Antonio’s Gourmet Market

Though I once lived in North Raleigh, it’s now a part of the Triangle I don’t get to visit very often.  But when a friend in N. Raleigh suggested we get together for lunch, it seemed like a great chance to visit, and to explore Antonio’s Gourmet Market, in the new Lafayette Village off Falls of Neuse Road.

And lucky us, it was Italian Feast at Antonio’s!

Antonio’s is a locally owned, full service market, that offers produce, seafood, meats (including house made sausages… more on that subject later), a “European style” deli, a gourmet pizza kitchen (you shoulda seen the size of the calzones!), bakery, desserts, cheeses, and a wide assortment of adult beverages.  In short, they’ve got the gourmet foodie in North Raleigh covered.

As I entered the market, I was smitten by the pretty Roma tomatoes in the produce section.

In the center of the market were shelves stocked with pantry staples…

and just beyond the  shelves, a bakery section.  I spied some bread from one of my favorite local bakeries.  😉

A very tempting dessert case, and a gourmet pizza kitchen counter occupied the area adjacent to the bakery section.  Not only could I find most anything I wanted to cook a fantastic dinner, but if I wasn’t in the mood to cook, they’d save me the trouble – bonus!

But I was there for lunch.  The Italian Feast menu options included the house made Italian sausage, with roasted red peppers and onions, and a generous side of cheesy polenta.  The lunch portion was large enough that half of it became my dinner, later that evening.

It was a little warm that afternoon, but my friend and I decided to eat on the patio, under one of the shady umbrellas.

After lunch, we explored the market a bit more.  I discovered more *local* goods, Bad Penny craft beer from Big Boss Brewing Co., Sweet Josie from LoneRider, and a six-pack from Natty Greene’s too!  Antonio’s also offers a substantial wine selection.

Across the aisle, I checked out the polenta, European butter, house made sauces, mascarpone, and eggs from Latta’s Egg Ranch in Hillsborough.

The freezer case was stocked with a variety of meats and fowl (a customer commented, “Hey! There’s a whole duck in here!”), as well as frozen pasta.  I’m going back for the gnocchi one day soon.

In fact, I may go back for the Mother Sauces Cooking Class on July 19th.  Antonio’s holds a cooking class each Tuesday night, 7 – 9 pm, and the cost is only $25.  Antonio’s also has a couple of other events this week, you gourmet foodies may enjoy.  June 23rd is devoted to Spanish cuisine and wines.  Stop in between 6 & 8 pm and enjoy a side of live music with your paella.  Then go back Saturday, June 25th for the Crab Festival that begins at noon.  I understand the menu for Crab Festival will include King Crab Legs, Blue Crab, “Antonio’s Famous Crab Cakes”, She Crab Soup, Jalapeno Corn Bread, Hot Crab Dip, as well as dessert and beer/wine specials.

North Raleigh, you’re pretty darn lucky to have Antonio’s Gourmet Market in your corner of the Triangle.  I’d love to have a locally owned market, that offered that selection of items, along side some of my local favorite foods too.


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