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Berry Heaven

Though I’m a bit removed from city life now, I’m much closer to my food.  Within a ten-mile radius are farms for certified organic produce, free-range chicken and eggs, Angus beef, and Dr. Young’s Pond Berry Farm, now open for your black and blueberry pickin’ pleasure.

I didn’t intend to walk away with just over six pounds of blackberries and blueberries, but the pickin’ was so easy.

In under an hour I had filled one bucket with ripe blackberries…

and I hadn’t picked one complete row.

Next, it was time to start filling the blueberry bucket.

There were several berry-filled branches easily accessible from the exterior of the high bushes (no bending necessary), but when I parted the branches, I found the mother lode.

I really didn’t have to pick from more than one bush, since a single bush yielded enough blueberries to fill the bucket.  Actually, I didn’t really “pick” each berry.  I held my bucket in one hand, and gently slid the other hand down each dangling bunch to guide them, avoiding those berries that weren’t quite ready.

On the adjoining rows I overheard several conversations.  One young boy wanted his “pop-pop” to hurry and fill the bucket so they could leave.  It was getting a little too hot for that youngster.  On another row, I listened to one side of a phone conversation as a gentleman recounted a time when he was a youngster and went to pick blueberries with his elders.  He had learned about Dr. Young’s Pond Berry Farm just that morning, when he inquired with his neighbors about their freshly picked berries, and he had been compelled to pay a visit to the berry patch.

On the blackberry rows I could hear the occasional “ouch!” too.  Those thorns will get you if you’re not careful.

The berry farm is normally open Tuesday and Thursday mornings (7:00 am to Noon), and Saturdays (7:00 am to 1:00 pm) through August.  But, for this upcoming holiday weekend, Dr. Young’s Pond Berry Farm will be open on both Friday July 1st, and Monday July 4th, from 7:00 am to Noon.  So, take the family out to the Angier area this weekend, for some easy pickin’s, and to make some new memories.

Update for 2012:  In an email from Betty Trustman of Dr. Young’s Pond Berry Farm, the farm will be open for the first picking on “Tuesday, May 29th from 7AM until the berries are picked out. We will open again on Saturday, June 2nd from 7AM until picked out so come as early as you can.  The berries are large and sweet and the new trellis system makes them SO easy to pick. After Saturday, we will open regular hours; Tues and Thurs 7AM to 12 PM and Sat 7AM to 1 PM.”

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