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Fast Food from the Farmers’ Market

This week, I’ve been cooking for one, while the other half was visiting far-off family over the holiday.  As a result, meals have been minimal, quick (under 30 minutes) & easy (stove-free too, when the AC was out), once the leftovers from the holiday weekend were consumed.

I’ve been enjoying simple sandwiches of tomato and Okfuskee Farm salami, and made a tomatillo salsa with produce from Fiddlehead Farm.  Last night, I made use of some items from a visit to Carrboro Farmers’ Market – basil, roma tomato & Chapel Hill Creamery mozzarella, to create a simple, yet flavorful pizza (half goes in the freezer, for the “other half”).

Breakfasts have been decidedly “blue”, alternating between a blackberry grunt (like a crisp, but with a cornmeal crust topping)…

and a bowl of stone ground blue corn meal hot cereal (recipe’s on the package), topped with a few blueberries and a drizzle of honey.

 Though many single people don’t like to cook for themselves alone, I find it quite enjoyable.  I can create what I like most, to my tastes (adding in a couple extra jalapenos to the salsa if I want to), and savor it at my leisure (breakfast for dinner is special treat).  The more I “practice” cooking dishes from farmers’ markets finds, the easier the process becomes (though cleaning up the dishes is still a “chore” in my book).

As usual, the farmers and vendors at our local farmers’ markets are always willing to help us create the meals we enjoy with some of their fresh ingredients. So what might one enjoy at the farmers’ markets this weekend?  Well, let’s see…

The Holly Springs Farmers’ Market returns this week, with the Farm-to-Table Chef Series, featuring Chef Ray from Rex Healthcare at 11:00 am.  Stop by his tent to taste the oricchetta pasta with roasted spring vegetables and italian sausage.  Recipe cards will be available at the market information tent, if you’d like to recreate the meal at home using market goods.  The market is collecting supplies for a Back-to-School drive too.  They’d appreciate any donations and will thank you for your generosity with your own farmers’ market tote bag.

Last week I purchased the “limited edition” summer squash ravioli from Melina’s, and it tossed with just a scant tablespoon of olive oil, some salt and pepper.  Talk about quick, easy and delicious!  You can find Melina’s at many markets these days, but if you go to Midtown Farmers’ Market in North Hills, you can learn how to reduce waste to almost nothing by attending the Zero-Waste workshop at 9:00 am.

 Tomato fans will surely pack the Durham Farmers’ Market tomorrow for the 6th Annual Tomato Tasting hosted by Chef Shane Ingram (of One, Four Square, and the new G2B).  Hope you all like tomatoes for brunch, because I’ve read that there will be more than fifty varieties including, Sweet Treats, Black & Green Zebras, Celebrity, and Black Prince (and they all sound so exotic, don’t they?).  Of course, if tomatoes aren’t your favorite breakfast treat, you’ll find something else tasty from one of the many market vendors… be on the look out for figs.  😉

Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market welcomes a special guest vendor, Pomegranate Kitchen, a farm-to-table restaurant, that puts an international twist on local produce.  Big Bundts returns this week with the usual tempting bundts and the very popular rosemary scones (a treat for your taste buds – try one!).  Smith Angus Farm will help you restock on grilling meats, if you depleted your supply last weekend.  There’s still plenty of grilling weather yet in this sultry, southern summer.

Hope you all get out to your local farmers’ market for a little something quick and tasty too.  And let’s enjoy it, before the crowds return from their week away at the beach.


2 thoughts on “Fast Food from the Farmers’ Market

  1. The pizza looks fabulous! Did you make your own crust? I’m going to have to find some good tomatoes and make that one. Also, I haven’t been to the Chapel Hill Creamery, so I will have to check that out. Thanks for the great dinner idea!

    1. You’re welcome, Lisa! I have made my own pizza dough, but I think I bought that particular doughball at Earthfare in Raleigh (Brierdale, over in the Brier Creek area), and that’s where I found the CH Creamery mozz too.

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