Making Lemonade

Recently, I tallied the number of residences I’d lived in since childhood to total more than twenty.  I’m sure that’s no record, but it seems like a lot for my lifetime thus far.  As a kid, my father’s work kept us moving a bit.  We lived in North Carolina twice, New Jersey, different parts of California and a tiny dot of an island in the middle of the Pacific for a while.  As an adult, I’ve moved around the Triad and the Triangle as many times, primarily for my work, sometimes for other reasons.

This time last year I moved to the eastern edge of the Triangle, on the Wake/Johnston county line, some 37 miles from work. It was quite an adjustment, waking earlier, carpooling as part of my five-day-a-week commute, and losing two hours each of those days on the interstate.  Time was at a premium and the proximity to friends and family wasn’t as conducive to social activities.  It was worth making the effort though.  And I found several local shops and restaurants that I would not have otherwise.  Change – it happens.

In the last three weeks, I’ve been occupied looking for a new residence.  The choices were wide-ranging, and each appealing to me in some way.  There was a mid 80’s updated townhouse in North Raleigh, with a tiny little fenced in back yard that would have been fun for my dog.  A more urban loft location in downtown Durham was under serious consideration, as well as the “tree house” in Pittsboro, a small house on stilts with as much outdoor living space as indoor.  In the end, I chose a location near the center of the Triangle, and closest to work.  My daily commute shrinks significantly to just two miles starting next week.  I could walk, or skip, or bike, or skate, or cart-wheel to work each day (ok well, not cart-wheel).  I regain at least an hour and a half of personal time each weekday.  That’s a HUGE upside on its own.

My shiny new Durham zip code puts me closer, a LOT closer, to some of my favorite spots in the Triangle.  I will be a mere 6 miles from Western Wake Farmers’ Market and 30+ miles closer to Downtown Durham and the Durham Farmers’ Market. Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Pittsboro are equally easy to access now.   Saxapahaw and Hillsborough no longer fall in the day trip category.  And Downtown Raleigh is no farther away than before. North Raleigh even closer.   That real estate axiom touting the benefits of location is true. Being at the center of the Triangle is going to be sweet!

Though I’m pleased for those pluses, the reason for the move is still bittersweet.  I’m focusing on making the most of the situation though, and on making some Blueberry Lemonade.  I’ll now be cooking for one, yet still cooking, and still sourcing fresh foods from my local farmers’ markets.  As soon as I’ve unpacked and had a chance to break in the new kitchen, I plan to develop and share some single serving recipes.  Since I’ll have a bit more personal time too, I’ll do less slacking on the website construction, and more organizing of social activities.  So many great places to explore and enjoy, and more opening all the time it seems.   And at the end of the move, there’s a big food truck rodeo payoff  just a hop, skip and a cart-wheel away!

It will be quiet on the blog and Facebook page for a few days, while I’m schlepping boxes o’ stuff from one place to another.  But no worries.  I’ll be back.   We’ve got lots wide, wonderful locality to explore yet.  🙂

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