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An Ode to 11


Eleven reasons this day, the eleventh day, of the eleventh month of 2011, rocks (in no particular order):

  1. It’s Friday.  Friday, by default, is the best.
  2. It’s Veteran’s Day.  Thank you,Veterans.  You all deserve more than one day of recognition.  There’s a parade in Raleigh this morning.
  3. As announced here, Daisy Cakes opens its brick & mortar location at 401 Foster St in Durham today.  Take eleven friends down there and get a dozen delicious cupcakes.
  4. Love ’em or not, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome that the Tarheels will play in the first ever Carrier Classic aboard the USS Carl Vinson tonight.
  5. At 11:11:11 am (in any time zone) on 11/11/11, fans of Nigel Tufnel will celebrate the man who coined the phrase (you know the one) and we will turn it up one louder.
  6. On a related note, here’s a music venue in Raleigh that Mr. Tufnel might enjoy.
  7. This date, 11/11/11, comes around once every hundred years. That’s once in a lifetime, for most of us.  We should take a moment, or eleven, to ponder.
  8. Today’s temps will really feel like fall, and that makes for good baking weather.  For some reason when I bake muffins, I end up with enough batter for only eleven.  Today, that’s the magic number.
  9. Speaking of “one louder”, Franco opens a new exhibit today.  Go check it out and enjoy 2nd Friday Artwalk in Chapel Hill.
  10. Only 11 days remain until the special Pre-Thanksgiving Market at five area farmers’ markets on Nov. 22nd.  Hope you’re working out that Thanksgiving menu to include some local goods!
  11. For some lucky dogs, today is a day off work and those dogs get to sleep in a bit longer.  Lucky dog.

Happy Friday.  Happy Veteran’s Day.  Happy Nigel Tufnel Day.  Happy three-day weekend to all you lucky dogs.

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