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A Perfect Pair – You and Your Local Wine (or Beer) Shop

If you’ve glanced at the calendar recently, you’ve probably noticed the holiday season is approaching at warp speed.  Thanksgiving arrives next week!  Soon thereafter, Christmas-gift-giving and New-Year-party season swing into high gear.

You may have your holiday dinner menu sorted out by now (and if you do, go YOU!).  But have you considered which wine (or beer, if you’re so inclined) would best accentuate that heritage roast turkey (or turducken, or tofurkey)?  If not, never fear.  Your local wine (or beer) shop owner can help you find that one perfect palate-pleasing libation to complete the celebration, at the price point that fits your budget.

You still have time to taste test a few wines (or beers) and will have ample opportunity this week and next.  Many wine (and beer) shops have free tastings, at least weekly, sometimes more often, especially this time of year.  Some very special tastings aren’t free, but well worth the price of admission, as was the port tasting I attended recently that included a blend of vintages from three separate centuries.  Simply sublime.

Here are a few examples of wine and beer tastings in our area:

Don’t know where to find your closest wine (or beer) shop?  Well, lemme lend you a map that will help you find your new BFF in wine (or beer) appreciation.  When you find ’em, make sure you sign up on email list, “like” them on Facebook, and/or follow them on Twitter, so you always will be in the “wine” (or “beer”) know and never without a bottle for any occasion.  Cheers!

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