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Drinking in Spring at the Markets

Last Saturday I made it back to Durham Farmers’ Market, enticed by the allure of rhubarb.  Chef Katie Coleman of Durham Spirits Co. was present this past weekend, sharing rhubarb’s finer points as she demonstrated how to make a ginger-rhubarb chutney.  Earlier in the week, I found this recipe for a rhubarb sparkler and the week’s warmer temps have been simply divine for porch sittin’ while sippin’.

Winter’s mild chill is quickly becoming a distant memory as we anticipate the upcoming Spring market season.  Many of our local favorite markets will begin opening at earlier hours Saturday mornings, with mid-week markets returning shortly thereafter.  I suppose you could make an argument that our switch to Daylight Saving Time preps us for getting up just a bit earlier on a Saturday to enjoy the early morning market shopping frenzy. 😉

This season, we will benefit from at least one new market, the South Durham Farmers’ Market.  Initially, this market’s location was planned for Sutton Station on Fayetteville Street, in S. Durham, but a last-minute discovery regarding a zoning issue has the market organizers seeking out alternatives.  The organizers still hope for an opening day of April 14th (hours would be 8 am to noon on Saturdays) or as close to that date as possible.  In addition, the location will remain somewhere in South Durham, and will be open year-round.  The market’s website should be up soon (perhaps this weekend).  In the meantime you can find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to learn more about their progress and their vendors.

Wondering when your favorite local market will reopen (or open earlier) this Spring?  Well, wonder no more – here’s a “short” list, for your farmers’ market shopping convenience:

As you can see, April’s going to be a rather busy month and I, for one, can’t wait!

What else is coming in April?  Why, the Piedmont Farm Tour of course, April 28th & 29th!  Tickets are $25 (in advance, available online now) for a car load filled with your family and friends.  Tour all of the 40 farms you care to over the weekend.  Soon, buttons and brochures should be available at Weaver Street locations.  One of the best ways to get a close up view of the farm tour is to volunteer.  Volunteers get a free t-shirt and the chance to tour farms for free on their off day.  To volunteer, just sign up here.  If you have the time, and the slightest interest, I highly recommend volunteering (and sign up early, so you get your first pick of farms/days).  Not only did I meet some of the nicest folks during last fall’s tour, along with the free t-shirt, the generous farmers I worked with sent us home with a jar of home-grown, home canned jam and fresh-baked bread.

Farmers feed you well.  Let’s make sure we remember to thank them when we’re at the markets this weekend.  And thanks to you all too, for keeping it local!

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