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Summer Meals from the Market

Though not Summer officially just yet, we’ve been enjoying early Summer produce at the local farmers’ markets for the past couple of weeks:  zucchini and summer squash, berries of many varieties, peaches, sungold cherry tomatoes, and now corn.  To me, Summer brings inspiration to spend more quality time in my kitchen, trying new-to-me recipes flagged in cookbooks or bookmarked from the internet, as well as revisiting or revamping familiar favorites.

This week I made a simple cherry tomato and cucumber salad with tzatsiki (no heat required!).  This dish was inspired, in part, by the dill plant taking over my patio herb garden. 😉

Then, this past Tuesday was National Biscuit Day, so I had to bake these zucchini cheddar drop biscuits (and threw in some chives from the thriving patio garden).

I used more zucchini in this recipe for blueberry zucchini bread, but that loaf was for an ailing friend and I forgot to snap a picture before packing it up.  I did remember to photograph the blueberry yogurt parfait though!  It’s in a “fancy” martini glass because it served as dessert one evening (that said, you could go “fancy” for breakfast with this one too).  I made the granola with some local honey purchased at the Wake Forest Farmers’ Market.  Granola’s easy to make at home, and this DIY guide is a good template for creating your own granola recipes.  I left out the dried fruit mentioned in the final step, because I like to mix in fresh seasonal fruit.  Granola + fresh fruit + milk (or yogurt) = breakfast!

I had few kale leaves in the crisper and the remains of one red onion.  Add in a few pantry items and spices, and you have this simple kale and black bean tostada (the original recipe is for burritos – I had corn tortillas. Thus the tostada version).

Finally, I made a “fussy” version of this King Arthur Flour “No-Fuss” Focaccia.  It’s still a fuss-free bread recipe, since no kneading is necessary.  I added a blend of dried herbs (parsley, basil, oregano) in the dough when mixing.  Then, after the hour-long rise, I poked the dough top with halved cherry tomatoes (I used ten tomatoes in a 5 by 4 configuration).  The tomatoes were marinated in a bit of balsamic, olive oil, salt and black pepper.  Sprinkle a few shreds of any cheese and bake as directed in the recipe.

The bread is a nice side to a leafy green salad, or can be split, toasted and served with a fried egg, sandwich style, appropriate for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Little bits of summer goodness go a long way and you’ll find plentiful produce at our local farmers’ markets this weekend.  I’d love to hear what you’re doing with all your summer goods.  So please, do tell!

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