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Raleigh Downtown Farmers’ Market

Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market
Walk this way, down Fayetteville Street for your local foods in Downtown Raleigh

Since April 2010, Raleigh Downtown Farmers’ Market has set up on City Plaza, allowing residents and workers to enjoy a mid-week local food lunch break.  Produced by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, this farmers’ market’s 30+ vendors include produce, meats, cheese, seafood, baked goods and specialty foods from North Carolina farmers and producers, in a decidedly urban setting.

Wild Onion Farm, located in Johnston County, supplies organic, sustainably grown seasonal produce.


Peach season is in full swing. The cling-free varieties should be available later this month.


All things blueberry are available from Creekside Farm, located in Selma, Johnston County.


They line up for Locals Seafood


Prepared lunch items are available from vendors in the "food court"

Market shoppers can purchase prepared lunches and beverages from a variety of vendors, including Sarah Cecilia Good Food Company, bu.ku, Tarheel Foodie and the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.  For dessert, you’ll find the Lumpy’s Ice Cream cart or a bakery treat very near by.

Annelore's German Bakery offers both sweet and savory options (but I'm partial to the linzer tart).


Cary's La Farm Bakery's tent, where one can grab a baguette to go.

With Father’s Day just a few days off, I’m planning a return visit to purchase some Mackey’s Ferry Peanuts.  I’m hooked on their unsweetened peanut butters (and so is my dog).

Mackey's Ferry Peanuts stand with peanuts of many flavors.

I found ample seating available on City Plaza, making al fresco dining at the market a nice bonus feature, along with the musical entertainment.

Who doesn't love a tub bass?

Raleigh Downtown Farmers’ Market continues to draw patrons and supporters to the city center, and continues to add features.  At the end of May, the market began accepting EBT/SNAP benefits, as well as a Farmer Foodshare donation station.  The market is most convenient to downtown residents and to area workers, especially if one is able to walk to the market (thereby avoiding the search for a parking space and/or paying to park).  If I were a Raleigh “downtowner”, I know where I would be each Wednesday for lunch.

Market Hours:  10 am to 2 pm, Wednesdays through October 31, 2012 (closed July 4th)

Season begins in April and ends in the fall

Take the R-Line or walk to the market if you’re near the 400 block of Fayetteville Street

Find parking information on the market’s website

Visit the market website, find the market on Facebook, or follow on Twitter to keep up with special events

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