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What do You Love, Triangle?

Triangle love

It’s February and what’s not to love? Sports fans love the Super Bowl and the build up to the onset of March Madness. Party fans celebrate Mardi Gras. Even ground hogs have a special day during February. Daylight lingers a bit longer in the evenings and I’m tempted to come out of my self-imposed hibernation, especially on sunny days. Yes, February’s a lovely little month.

In fact, I’m inspired to take on a little project for the month of February, creating a photo collage of many things Triangle (the region, not the geometric shape) and you’re invited to participate! Each day, I’ll be posting a “picture of the day” on the Facebook page, along with picture information and credit to the photographer (that could be you!). Each day’s picture will become part of a collage, overlaying a portion of the “Love” picture (above). In the end, “Love” will be completely covered with images from around the Triangle region, reflecting the things, places and events we love.

If you have a picture from around the Triangle area (Durham, Orange, Wake & Chatham counties) that portrays some thing, some place, some event that you love and you’d like the image included in the collage (with full credits to you) please send along to me with the following:

  • Brief description of the photo, including what you love about the subject matter
  • Approximate date (month/year) photo was made (can be from any time in the past or present or the future if you have one of those fancy time machine cameras)
  • Your information (name, Facebook page, Twitter handle, if you’d like that information shared)
The photo’s subject matter can be just about anything with a few exceptions:
  • No people nudity (dog, cat, bird, cow, pig or iguana sans clothing is OK, plus any of the preceding wearing hats would be acceptable, as well as adorable).
  • No foul language (though fowl language would be fine).
  • This one’s a little trickier, but nothing blatantly promotional, i.e. no pictures of business signage, logos, etc., unless those items happen to be part of a streetscape or landscape shot. Example: a busy street scene where signs for several local businesses appear in the background would be OK.
  • Only one photo per person please and it must be your original photo.

So, that’s it. A pretty simple, community-minded project to share one thing you love about your corner of the Triangle with your Triangle neighbors. Sound interesting? Great! Send me that picture and let’s start sharing the love. 

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