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Make Time to Linger Artfully

This Saturday, April 27th, is Slow Art Day, a global effort to help people discover and experience art in a way they might not have previously. Though no slow art event has been organized at the North Carolina Museum of Art (that I’m aware of as of this posting), I think timing is perfect to explore “0 to 60: The Experience of Time through Contemporary Art“, a collaboration between NCMA and Penland School of Crafts.

NCMA 0 to 60 Collage 1

As suggested by the title, the exhibit explores themes on time: real time, virtual time, historical time, recorded time, manipulated time and the passage of time, through unexpected interactions in some instances. 60 works are featured, ranging from the seemingly mundane punching of a time clock to a whimsical exploration of hair styles through the 20th century. Museum attendees even have the opportunity to become part of the art work in some exhibits, at least for a while.

NCMA 0 to 60 Collage 2

“0 to 60” is open now in the East building through August 11th, with Adult ticket prices of $7 (or less – see the museum website for hours and full pricing details).

Also open to whiling away the hours is the new Blue Loop of the museum’s art park, an extra mile of trail to explore nature in all four seasons. If outdoor arts number among your favorite activities, you might enjoy spending time listening to this year’s scheduled performances by acts including Los Lobos, Glen Hansard, Indigo Girls, The Duhks, TIft Merritt and/or Pink Martini, during the Summer concert series at the museum park theater.

No matter your artistic preference, make plans to visit NCMA soon and loiter in front of your favorite works as long as you like.

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