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{Play Local} PopUp Exposes Bull City Secrets

So, you’re walking along Main Street in downtown Durham and as you approach a certain restaurant your phone makes this funny little chirping noise. You take a look at it and see a notification on your screen that reads something like, “Pssst, hey you… yeah you. Go inside and order (some secret menu item I’m not at liberty to divulge). It’s not on the regular menu, but because you’ve got this cool app on your phone, you can order it. Just between you and me. ;)” Suddenly, you feel special. You’re in on “the secret”. That’s the fun PopUp app users can experience beginning this Friday, August 16th as PopUp, a Durham based software startup, partners with the Durham Chamber of Commerce, Pretty Fab PR and Sustain-a-Bull for two weeks of Bull City Secrets.

So who is PopUp? They’re the “home team”, an Appia alum, a UNC Chapel Hill grad and an iOS mobile wiz out of Raleigh’s Sageworks, with years of industry experience. In the Fall of 2012, PopUp participated in the Triangle Startup Factory and earned an NC IDEA Grant. Since then, they’ve been working hard on app development, creating the mobile app that enables users to leave location based notes. With the launch of Bull City Secrets they turn the private beta corner towards their first large scale user experience, focused on growing a local user community of several thousand users. That’s where we come in!

Are you ready to play? It’s easy enough to do (and doesn’t require “checking in” or point redemption). Just follow these steps:

Bull City Secrets

Did you notice item number three up there, where it reads “win prizes”? As you find PopUps, or create them, or share them on Facebook, you earn points. Earn the most points and win a $500 Amex gift card to spend at all your favorite local businesses. See the Bull City Secrets website for full details and a list of the participating Durham businesses.

While the Bull City Secrets promotion focuses on Durham, the PopUp app is not restricted by location in the least. So leave PopUps for yourself, for friends, for everyone, all around the Triangle, the state or the country! PopUps can be any bit of information you like. You can leave a tip, a short review, news about an upcoming event, a reminder (like what you need to pick up at the farmers market next time you’re there), a private joke between friends, a special birthday wish or even a love note (aww!). The PopUp App website shows you a few examples to get you started. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Of course, it’s fun to share with friends and like many other social media apps you can “follow” other users. In order to participate in the special promotion you will need to follow Bull City Secrets featured content. You’ll find featured content under your user profile settings, when you tap “Find Friends on PopUp”. And you’ll find me there too! I’ve left some PopUps around the Triangle (though my PopUps don’t reveal any of the secrets that are part of the special promotion). Follow me and I’ll follow you back. We’ll have fun, share tips, become PopUp besties. It’ll be grand!

You ready? I thought so. Remember the three easy steps: Download the free app, explore the Bull City & discover a whole bunch of fun.

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