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{Eat Local} – “3 on 3” Dish Two – Dogfish

As part of the Locals Seafood Winter Seafood Jubilee, myself and local bloggers Kristen Baughman of and Johanna Kramer of DurhamFoodie accepted a challenge to cook three separate dishes using three different types of seafood. My three seafood items include Bogue Sound clams, dogfish and ribbonfish. Since I had prepared the clams in a simple classic dish for the first task, I wanted to try something a little more exotic with the dogfish. But what is dogfish anyway?

Locals Seafood website told me exactly what dogfish is – it’s a shark! It seems that dogfish like to dine on the same shellfish I do, lobster and crab. That diet makes the dogfish slightly sweet. Because spicy seems to pair well with sweet, and dogfish has a firm flesh, I decided to prepare a Goan Fish Curry, an Indian dish using mild spice and coconut.


 The curry sauce takes some time to make (about an hour to saute, fry, reduce and simmer the various components). But once the sauce is complete, you simply slide in two-inch chunks of the dogfish fillets and let the fish simmer in the sauce for five to six minutes. I served the fish curry over jasmine rice and wilted baby spinach.

I loved the flavor and texture of the dogfish. It’s an easy seafood with which to work and very versatile. I read that dogfish is being substituted for over-fished cod and I bet it would be lovely beer-battered and fried, served with sweet potato fries for a southern version of fish and chips. 

You can try dogfish from Locals Seafood too. Just visit them at the Raleigh State Farmers Market Indoor Market Shoppes Thursday through Sunday, Chapel Hill Farmers Market or Western Wake Farmers Market on Saturdays and on the roving LoMo Market.


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