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21 Days of Festivals – SPARKcon

Conventional wisdom advises that habits are ingrained after 21 days of repetition. If that theory holds true, then the eat~play~shop local habit requires time and effort to develop. Each month I’ll be sharing “21 Days” of some event or place in the Triangle, enabling (and I mean that in the most positive sense possible) your inner Localista to come out and play. This month it’s all about local festivals that celebrate arts, culture, food and beverage.

sparkcon guy

SPARKcon, the interdisciplinary festival produced by the non-profit creativity incubator Visual Art Exchange, began in Raleigh in 2006. The ninth SPARKcon will kickoff September 11-14 this fall. Each year an open-invitation is issued to a group of volunteers. Any person or group passionate about their “SPARK” can get involved. As a grass roots, open source effort the “creative potluck” of themes (or SPARKs such as art, music, poetry, film, fashion, geek, circus, theater, etc.) ignites participants to share their passion and expertise. Using a combination of networking and open calls, each SPARK organizer creates diverse and representative events to show off local talent and connect one creative discipline with another.

Visual Art Exchange produces SPARKcon as part of the VAE mission to support and provide opportunities for artists and to connect the community to the arts. As potential participants each of us shares in that connection, that opportunity to spark an interest in our creative community, to wallow in the amazing array of local talent here in the Triangle.

Like SPARKcon on Facebook and follow along on Twitter to learn how you can get involved.

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