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21 Days to Shop Locally – Open Art Society’s CSA

Conventional wisdom advises that habits are ingrained after 21 days of repetition. If that theory holds true, then the eat~play~shop local habit requires time and effort to develop. Each month I’ll share “21 Days” of some event, place or organization in the Triangle, enabling (and I mean that in the most positive sense possible) your inner Localista to come out and join us. This month it’s all about shopping at independent retailers, art galleries, craft fairs, coop and specialty markets, wine and bottle shops all around the Triangle.

Earth wo Art


Earlier this year you may have heard or read about a new sort of CSA, one that supports local artists through a model similar to the agriculture version with which you’re likely more familiar. Open Art Society’s Community Supported Art program, “Welcome Art in Your Home“, launched its first season in the Spring with an inaugural set of seven local artists, working in varied disciplines including:

  • Tamara Galiano Bagnell (Durham, NC) – screen print w/hand-finishing
  • JR Butler (Siler City, NC) – ceramic sculpture with handcrafted bamboo ash glazes
  • Kimberley Pierce Cartwright (Durham, NC) – fiber art “postcards”
  • Heather Gordon (Durham, NC) – screen print as part of her series How to Fold My Heart
  • Warren Hicks (Chapel Hill, NC) – Black & white photograph
  • Gracelee Lawrence (Chapel Hill, NC) – video art and sculpture
  • Matt Zigler (Pittsboro, NC) – transfer print as part of his series Natura Technica Imprimens

Each artist received a commission to create 50 pieces of art for the CSA program. The artists were notified in March 2014 that they were selected to participate and had through the summer to create the works you see below. 

Open Arts Society CSA samples
Sample artworks created for the inaugural season of Welcome Art in Your Home. Photo courtesy of Open Arts Society.

The art CSA model addresses questions those involved with their local community ask typically, “Do I value the way something is made? Do I support the growth and development of my local economy? Do I want to collect incredible art and meet the people who make it?” If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions you may be interested in purchasing a share this holiday season, for yourself or as a gift for art loving friends and family. The $250 price per share includes seven art works and a “Buy Local Art” tote.

Ready to buy? Good, because there are only a handful of shares remaining. Head over to Open Art Society‘s website today to get your share and give back to the local artist community.

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