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An Omnivore and a Vegetarian Dine at Bull City Burger and Brewery

What happens when a vegetarian attempts to find common dining ground with her omnivore friends in the Triangle? Follow my new blog series to find out. By the way, I play the role of the vegetarian.


Dining out can be tricky when you’re a vegetarian, especially when your dining companions are omnivores and they have a craving for burgers. Fortunately, there is one restaurant that can satisfy the burger appetites of all dietary persuasions, Bull City Burger and Brewery in downtown Durham.

The restaurant has been open for more than a couple of years now and is rather popular so you may be familiar with it already. Just in case you’re not, let me share a few facts about BCBB that make it so well liked. First, all the beef used in their burgers is NC sourced, pasture raised and it’s ground fresh daily, making it as good for the local economy and farms as it is to eat. Most of the items on the menu are made from scratch, including the toasty buns and the veggie burgers (no factory-formed, formerly frozen veggie patties at BCBB, thank goodness). Finally, whether vegetarian or omnivore, you’ll find the perfect craft beer on tap to pair with your burger of choice.


If you have some spare time on a Saturday afternoon, I highly recommend the brewery tour and tasting at BCBB as a pre-dining experience. The hour and a half long class-room style tour is both informative and entertaining as it covers a short history of the craft, the difference between ales and lagers (it’s all about the yeast), the importance of a proper glass, and insight into the industry as well as the owner’s passion to create authentic ales. Pay close attention to the samples when they arrive because you’ll want to order a glass or two to enjoy with your meal.  


Speaking of dining, my Joan Jett veggie burger arrived topped with a generous amount of garlic aioli, goat cheese and a side of crisp dirty fries all of which I devoured in short order. Any burger can be customized, selecting your preference of cheese, sauce, condiments or other vegetable toppings. with the exception of tomatoes which are available only when in season (and when they taste the best anyway). I understand the shoe string duck frites (ordered by the omnivore) were very good too, though a little challenging to eat with one’s fingers.

The BCBB menu includes other vegetarian options if the veggie burger doesn’t appeal to you, like a bowl of white chipotle chili that would pair nicely with the house made soft rye pretzels and/or pickle chips. For the more adventurous meat eaters, March is designated at Exotic Meat Month at BCBB when (almost) anything goes. Make sure you follow BCBB on Twitter or Facebook to learn more about the exotic specials when details are announced.

BCBB reflection

Reflecting on the challenge of finding common ground between opposing dietary inclinations, when a dining establishment offers quality options for all members of your dinner party as Bull City Burger and Brewery does, one can answer the question, “Can’t we all just get along?” with an enthusiastic “Yes!”, and order another round of beer for the table.

2 thoughts on “An Omnivore and a Vegetarian Dine at Bull City Burger and Brewery

  1. too bad they don’t have a vegan option, they are missing out on a huge and growing demographic. they could easily swap their veggie burger for a vegan version.

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