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21 Days of Local Food – Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market

Conventional wisdom advises that habits are ingrained after 21 days of repetition. If that theory holds true, then the eat~play~shop local habit requires time and effort to develop. Each month I’ll be sharing “21 Days” of some event, place or organization in the Triangle, enabling (and I mean that in the most positive sense possible) your inner Localista to… Continue reading 21 Days of Local Food – Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market

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{Eat Local} A Week to Celebrate Farmers Markets

  This past week has been National Farmers Market Week (August 4th - 10th), a week dedicated to celebrating markets of all sizes in our communities. As stated by the Farmers Market Coalition, "Now more than ever, farmers markets serve as anchors across American communities, positively influencing community health and wealth. Markets result in more viable… Continue reading {Eat Local} A Week to Celebrate Farmers Markets

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{Eat Local} Tomatogasm 2013

We’ve reached that time of year once again, when summer’s sultry conditions explode in an avalanche of heirloom tomato varieties.  A plethora of colors, sizes and tastes satisfy multiple senses.  We relish every recipe, and savor the sauces prepared at the peak of flavor.  When they’re ripe and juicy, they are soooo good, nearly nirvana.… Continue reading {Eat Local} Tomatogasm 2013

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{Eat Local} Pig Pickin’ Anyone?

Last weekend I had high hopes of snagging some strawberries and asparagus. Alas, I just didn't arrive early enough on Saturday morning at my nearest market. BUT the Durham Farmers' Market Wednesday afternoon market was my salvation, at least partially. Though I was still too late to secure a pint of Lyon Farm strawberries, I… Continue reading {Eat Local} Pig Pickin’ Anyone?

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You Know You’re a Farmers’ Market Geek When…

It's the little things that excite me. Like the spate of updates from a handful of area farmers' markets announcing upcoming Spring hours and new vendors for the new season. The anticipation of waking early to explore area markets filled with fresh Spring crops equates to similar feelings I had as a child during those… Continue reading You Know You’re a Farmers’ Market Geek When…

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Raleigh Downtown Farmers’ Market

Since April 2010, Raleigh Downtown Farmers' Market has set up on City Plaza, allowing residents and workers to enjoy a mid-week local food lunch break.  Produced by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, this farmers' market's 30+ vendors include produce, meats, cheese, seafood, baked goods and specialty foods from North Carolina farmers and producers, in a decidedly urban setting.  … Continue reading Raleigh Downtown Farmers’ Market

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Reconnecting with my Inner Baker

I still consider myself more baker than cook, though belonging to a CSA has changed my kitchen perspective.  When I scan the refrigerator and pantry these days, I'm planning dinner entrées and side dishes, instead of checking on the flour, butter, and sugar supply (critical staples for a baker).  Until I signed up for my first CSA in… Continue reading Reconnecting with my Inner Baker