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Have a Slice of Strawberry Grand Marnier Pie

It is a coincidence that Mother's Day and graduation celebrations fall during the peak of strawberry season? Nope. Spring's first fruit is a natural addition to any brunch menu, cocktail or dessert. This simple pie prominently features strawberries and is spiked with a Grand Marnier to add a little something extra special to the party.… Continue reading Have a Slice of Strawberry Grand Marnier Pie

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In Anticipation of Strawberries

Pick. Your. Own.  P. Y. O. Merely a day or two from April. April, the month during which P. Y. O. transitions from anticipation to actuality. In our state, P.Y.O. season typically starts with the Strawberry.  In late 2011, as apple and pear seasons were fading, the next available locally-grown fresh fruit opportunity seemed so distant.  I "survived"  the fruitless… Continue reading In Anticipation of Strawberries

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Cinco de Mayo with a side of Strawberry Salsa

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Triangle! Seems appropriate, since we're in the midst of strawberry season, to include strawberries in the day's celebration. Last spring, I discovered a few strawberry salsa recipes, and fell in deep *like* with the blend of sweet strawberries, spicy dressing, and salty, crunchy chips. I tried a variety of dressing ingredients, using… Continue reading Cinco de Mayo with a side of Strawberry Salsa